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Defect Characterization and E-Testing Services

Currently, in the case of CMP process characterization, defectivity evaluation has been getting more and more attention in addition to planarity evaluation. The planarity evaluation has been carried out by a thin film measurement system(such as KLA-Tencor F-5 or Thermaware Optiprobe 3000 Series system) and a profiler (such as KLA-Tencor HRP 300 Series system, Veeco AFP 300 Series system or PSIA XE-300P system). In the case of defect characterization, CMP industry has been using two different types of optical characterization systems depending upon the wafer types. In the case of blanket film wafers, KLA-Tencor 6420 or KLA-Tencor SP1 system has been widely used while the defect characterization of CMP patterned wafers has been mostly performed by KLA-Tencor, AIT-II(or III), KLA-Tencor 2139, KLA-Tencor 2351, COMPASS, Orbot WF736, or KLA-Tencor STEALTH system. The cost of these defect inspection systems is typically around $2.0 -$3.0 million. In addition, an experienced specialist(s) is(are) needed to set up the optimum recipes for measurements and to interpret the data. Due to these reasons, in the case of most CMP infrastructure companies, there is the urgent need for outside defect characterization support services.

Since December of 2003, we have been offering this service for some of our customers. Currently, we offer the defect characterization services for pre-STI and post-STI CMP patterned wafers. For further information, please refer to one recent example of our defect characterization service work performed for one customer in a foreign country in December of 2003.

With the emergence of metal CMP processes as major CMP processing steps, E-testing has been attracting lots of attention within the CMP community. Particularly in the case of wafers with very find features(e.g. 0.13 mm) for 900nm technology node, E-testing is essential for precise evaluation of CMP processes. Due to this increasing demand from our customers, we initiated e-testing services in December of 2003. Testing programs for SEMATECH854 and SKW 6-3 wafers were written and debugged. The prove cards were fabricated. Leading edge engineering database and analysis capability(using IDS Data Power) were established. Electrical testing(ET) parameters have been characterized routinely: 1) Isolated vs. dense and narrow vs. wide M1 resistance ( down to 0.12 micron metal line), 2) Metal continuity structures; and 3) ET wafer map for within wafer variation(up to 60 dies). E-testing services are currently available for post-W or post-Cu CMP processed SKW 6-3 and SEMATECH 854 wafers. Click here to see a sample E-testing report in PDF file format on one of our customer's post CMP wafer.


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