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UbiTech, Inc.
(A Company Dedicated to provide Total S/W Solutions for the CMP Yield Enhancement)

Total S/W Solution
CMP Yield Enhancement
  UbiTech, Inc. is a leading provider of the Total S/W Solution
for the conflict of CMP Planarity and Chip Performance to enhance the CMP Yield. It provides a tool set for the CMP characterization and Analysis, CMP Simulator for Process development, Electrical Modeling of Floating Dummy Metals, and layout optimization by Intelligent Dummy Filler as a Total Solution for the CMP Yield Enhancement
  PASCAL : 2D/3D R, L, C Simulator with Floating Dummy Metals
Dummy metals are usually floating in ASIC. Conventional capacit-
ance simulators can’t simulate the floating dummy metals within
a practical time. Samsung developed patent-pending PASCAL to
simulate the capacitance of the floating dummy metals. It is an essential tool for the design guide for dummy rules and the electrical simulation of dummy metal impact in the full-chip RC extraction and subsequent delay calculation.

ChampiGeo: Effective Geometry Generator for Floating Dummy Metal.
In order to simulate the Chip-Level capacitance impact of floating
dummy metals, a patent-pending methodology has been developed
to transform and generate the effective interconnect geometry which include the floating dummy metal effect using PASCAL. This effective geometry can be used in the conventional Full-Chip RC Extraction and subsequent timing Delay simulation.

ChampiIDF: Intelligent Dummy Filler for CMP Process Improvement
The CMP thickness is not proportional to the local density, but to the effective density due to the pad bending. Conventional rule-based dummy filling is not enough for planarization. Dummy metals may also causes electrical timing and device matching problems due to the capacitance increase. ChampiIDF places dummy metals intelligently to solve the conflict between the planarity and timing closure/device matching using patent-pending algorithms.

ICE : Interconnect Worst Case Modeling for Process Variation
Worst case model based on process skew corner is too conservative.
ICE generates the interconnect worst case model which predicts the 3-sigma delay based on the Monte Carlo simulation.

Champs: Oxide/STI CMP Profile Modeling and Simulation
It is designed specifically to allow process and design engineers
to determine the expected CMP profile of production chips before
they are fabricated. Champs is the CMP profile simulator for Oxide/STI CMP. It has been used as an industry production tool for more than 5 years.

ChampiSim-Cu: Cu CMP Profile Modeling and Simulation
It is designed specifically to allow process and design engineers
to determine the expected CMP profile of production chips before
they are fabricated. ChampiSim-Cu is the Cu CMP simulator based on MIT Cu CMP model.

ChampiAn : CMP Process Analysis and Characterization
In process development applications, it aids engineers in the
development of CMP processes using the patterned test wafers.
ChampiAn allows the process engineer to 1) enter the experiment
conditions into the software, 2) automatically load data from a wide
variety of metrology tools, 3) calculate critical empirical parameters
such as removal rate and planarization length for the accurate CMP
profile simulation

  About the Company
  UbiTech, Inc. was established in the March of 2001 for the Total S/W Solution of the CMP Yield Enhancement and located
at 1762 Technology Drive Suite 211, San Jose, CA 95110

UbiTech, Inc. San Jose, CA Tel: 408.573.1060 Fax: 408.573.1061 Internet:

emical and Mechanical Polishing (CMP)
ulation Software

Calculate effective density from any pattern layout

To calculate effective density, ChampiSim uses
- Planarization Length (PL) values calculated by ChampiAn and
- a GDSII(.gds) file.

Provided that GDSII file is given, effective density can be calculated
from any pattern layout.

Oxide Modeling: Predict post-CMP thickness

STI Modeling: Predict post-CMP thickness

Metal Modeling: Predict post-CMP thickness

Cooperation of ChampiAn and ChampiSim


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