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Easy to maintain data
Browse all experiments through experimental factors and wafers
Permanently stores all input data
Share all data with other engineers
Flexible to accept user's experimental conditions
Create experiments for • patterned oxide wafers
• tungsten, sti, copper wafers
• blanket oxide, tungsten, sti, copper wafers
Load Data Automatically or Manually
Automatic loading of thickness data files from • KLA Tencor F5, Uv1050
• Thermowave Optiprobe
• Nanometrics NanoSpec/AFT
Blanket thickness data from • KLA Tencor F5
• CDE Resmap
User-friendly interface to enter data manually
Calculation and Analysis with no effort
Automatic calculation
of critical CMP metrics
• Removal Rate, Amount Removed for thickness data
• Step Height Reduction for stepheight data
• Average, Standard deviation, Range
• Planarization Length, Blanket Removal Rate for Oxide wafers
Analysis results in plots or tabular form
Effective Data Exchange
Export and Import Experiment data between ChampiAn users
Print graphs
Easy to extract values from scan data (Scan Analyzer)
Read scan data files from HRP P series
Extract stepheight
Save and apply the repetitive condition to extract values


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