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Module Description

ChampiAn is designed to help engineers develope CMP processes using patterned wafers.



Experiment Design
Sample Plans
Automatic Data Loading
Scan Analyzer
Other Benefits

module list
Experiment Design
• Design experiments with many factors
- factors can be any parameter or objects such as slurries, down forces, speeds etc.
• Organized to compare processes effectively
Sample Plans module list
Pre-defined Sample Plans:

All SKW standard measurement plans on SKW wafers are provided with installation.
Customizing :

User can define any sample plan by specifying
Wafer size, wafer type, die size, die locations and
site information to measure.

Sample plans are easily imported/exported among users.
Automatic Data Loading module list

ChampiAn's automatic loader covers major metrology tools.

Thickness data
- KLA Tencor Uv1050, F Series
- Therma-Wave
- Nanometrics NanoSpec/AFT

Profile Data
- KLA Tencor P series, HRP
- Veeco
- PSIA XEP Series

Analysis module list
ChampiAn provides both custormized anaysis for specific wafer type and general graphs that are common to all wafer types. It helps user to evaluate processes through various types of results.

Automatic calculation of critical CMP metrics such as
- Removal rates
- Within-die and within-wafer non-uniformities
- Oxide modeling : Planarization length based on patterned wafer data using MIT Model
- Oxide modeling :Thickness prediction using Planarization Length
- Metal CMP : Total Metal Loss

between sites, densities, dies, wafers, polish times and experimental factors

Min, Max, Average, Standard Deviation, Ranges

FLEX Graph
Graph wizard guides user to define and create new data sets and graphs not included in the software.

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Other Benefits module list

• Permanently stores all input data and calculated metrics
• Sharing of all experimental data, Layout data and Sample plans among engineers


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