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Analysis Overview

As customized analysis to wafer types, ChampiAn provides oxide modeling module (including Planarization Length calculation) for oxide wafers, Total Metal Loss calculation for metal CMP and blanket wafer analysis.

Besides, as general analysis, predefined graphs and data tables cover hundreds of geneally used anlaysis. User may also create any graphs from user's own definition with graph wizard.

Analysis by wafer type

General analysis

Oxide modeling - Oxide CMP top

For oxide patterned wafers, ChampiAn supports the CMP model developed at MIT. User will get Planarization Lengths(PL) and Blanket Removal Rates on die level as calculation results. Calculaltion results also include calculated TIR, post-polish thickness prediction and effective densities of given sites.

Once all necessary data - Pre-Polish Thickness, Post-Polish Thickness, and Pre-Polish StepHeight - have been loaded, user can start PL calculation.

What is Planarization Length? (PDF)
ChampiAn screen shots

Total Metal Loss - Metal CMP top

Total Metal Loss is the true measure of metal CMP processes, making up for the insufficiency of using dishing and erosion values alone.

Total Metal Loss combines erosion and dishing values from profiles and field oxide loss from thickness data.

With ChampiAn's Total Metal Loss analysis, user gets automatically calculated results and can apply various options for calculation on the fly.

What is Total Metal Loss?

ChampiAn Screen shots

Blanket Wafer Analysis top

ChampiAn reads wafer data from KLA-Tencor F5 and CDE Resmap. Measured data also can be loaded through either user edited spread sheet file or manual input.

Wafer surface information is derived by interpolation based on loaded data. Graphs for individual wafer's surface are Line scan, Contour map and 3D surface.

Like patterned wafer analysis, 2D graphs are also providing comparisons between processes, polish times and wafers.

ChampiAn screen shots

Predefined Graphs / Data Table top

Graph Data

All loaded measurement data and calculated CMP metrics can be drawn as graphs or data tables.
Calculated data include Amount Removed, Removal Rate, TIR, Planarization Efficiency(%), Within Die Non-Uniformity and results of oxide modeling.
Statistics on dies, sites and wafers are also available.

Graph type

Supported graphs are line graphs, 3D die surface and contour plots.

Line Graph has 1 or 2 Y axes and provides easy ways to compare and observe data trends. It can be converted to data table.

3D surface graph shows die surface for patterned wafer and wafer surface for blanket wafer. User can change view points using horizontal and vertical sliders.

Contour plot is either line type or color area type, displaying surface information.

ChampiAn screen shots

User Defined Graphs (FlexiGraph) top
In addition to hundreds of predefined plots available, user-defined data sets and graphs can be created by using the FlexiGraph module. This graph wizard is entirely mouse driven, easy to learn but provides extreme flexibility.

With FlexiGraph, user can

- define new data set using basic mathematical formula on existing data sets
- define new graphs
- filter data by giving conditions. With this feature, any abnormal data points can be excluded from results
- use statistic values

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