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emical and Mechanical Polishing (CMP)
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Analyzing data from a CMP process is often difficult and time consuming.

ChampiAn integrates these multiple development steps by reading and converting data from metrology tools into common formats, and by automating analysis tasks.

This lets the engineer concentrate on process development thereby saving considerable time and resources.


• Full flexibility in designing experiments and analysing results
• Support both patterned and blanket wafers
• Compatibility with major metrology tools         (supported metrology tools)
• Automatic calculation of critical CMP metrics such as
- R
emoval rates
- Within-die and within-wafer non-uniformities
- Planarization length based on patterned wafer data
- Total metal loss

• Hundreds of analysis results
• Easy data sharing between users
• Easy management of experimental data


• Windows 98
• Windows NT 4.0
• Windows 2000
• Solaris 2.6, 8
• Windows Me
• Windows XP


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